How to make money online with Ultimate Cycler in Nigeria

Now that Ultimate Cycler website is finally back, a lot of people have started searching about the program again: how to register at Ultimate Cycler, Ultimate Cycler login, etc.

What this post is all about

This post will explain, in simple terms, how Ultimate Cycler works. So, if you don’t know how Ultimate Cycler works, please try to understand how it works first by reading this post! But, if you already know how it works and what you want is just an active link to click on and register, use any of the links below:

In case you don’t already know, Ultimate Cycler became the hottest online business in Nigeria recently. It is a simple and straightforward way you can make money without having to go through some complicated process, but by of course, risking your own N12,500. So, it is business and it involves risk, even though the risk is small.

How Ultimate Cycler works

Ultimate Cycler is a simple and straightforward way you can make money online. It is not complicated.

All you have to do is register and send N12,500 to the person the system will match you to send the money to. The person you will pay to may or may not be the person you registered through his referral link.

When you pay the N12,500 and the person you paid to has confirmed your payment on the website, you are now qualified for the system to start matching you with 4 people who will pay you N12,500 each… Making a total of N50,000.

After you have been matched with 4 people that will pay you, you can “Recycle” (that is, the system matches you with whom to pay to again in that same account and you pay and start receiving the 12,500 x 4 = N50,000 payments again) or you can upgrade to level 2. But there are not people in other levels, so you might want to stay at level 1 and keep recycling and collecting N50,000 for each cycle.

Does Ultimate Cycler pay?

Personally speaking: Yes, because am into it and I have seen and believed! An the interesting thing is that you can still make money even without getting any referrals but have spillovers coming your way. See my account when I started newly. 10 hours after I registered I got matched with two people even before I started registering people. So, that is why I believe that people can get paid even without getting referrals, but I think it basically depends on whom you used his regerral link to register – that is, how active the link is.


Free Tip: Join an active team

Join an active team like mine so you stand a chance of seeing your matrix fill up quickly (See my referral links below). When I registered, I registered with an active team, even though I know I don’t need to because am active enough on my own. That is why two people were matched to pay me in just few hours, before I even started registering people with my on link. That simply was a smart choice.

So, using your friends referral link may not be the answer. This is business, and not a friendship thing. And I don’t like recruiting friends and relatives into networking business – I no get strength to do everything for them while they sit and collect the money. 🙂

How to join Ultimate Cycler Nigeria

Step 1: Click on any of the links below to register with my referral link.

But, please please and please dear friend, if you are not ready to pay when you register and the system matches you with someone to pay to (as required) please don’t use my referral link. It is not helping me or anybody in my team if you just register and don’t pay… because those that are matched with you can’t pay if you don’t pay until several hours has passed and you are purged or deleted to give way for others.

That is, when the system matches you (happens as soon as you register) and you don’t pay on time, you are also delaying others for several hours and I don’t like a lot of people calling me and saying the person they are matched with has not paid… So, please my friend, this is networking business and you are free not to join so you can keep your money with you. Thanks for your understanding.

My referral links

So, if you are ready, please use any of these links to register. Thanks:

How to register at Ultimate Cycler

Here is my post on how to register at Ultimate Cycler Nigeria: How to register at Ultimate Cycler Nigeria

NOTEWhenever you receive payment go to the website and confirm that the person has paid you. This is also important so you don’t keep anyone waiting.

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You can join us on WhatsApp: Click to join

How active are we? UNN, Enugu, PH, Lagos, Aba, Onitsha, Warri, etc…. We are too active not to be active.

Any risk involved?

Of course, just like many other networking businesses there are risks involved. Just like MMM, Zarfund, etc, the risk involved is losing your money you started the business with if the business crashes when you have not made your money back. So, if you are too afraid to invest N12,500 then it is up to you to decide. We risk money to make more money.

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3 thoughts on “How to make money online with Ultimate Cycler in Nigeria”

  1. Ultimatecycler helps you turn 12,500 in 50k in less than 3days join d no1 team in Naija contact 08104342152 no need to bring anyone

  2. Hello.I would like to take the moment to introduce you to ultimate cycler

    I joined ultimate cycler on November 2016 under his team which my friend referred to me. I was skeptical at first until I registered

    I didn’t actually find anybody to register like he told me to do in order to speed up my payment but in just 3 days after registering
    I was matched with two people already to pay me 12500 each making 25000.
    I was so surprised of how fast it took to get paid that
    I didn’t even have to look for down lines
    So then I resolved to tell my friends about this team before my first cycle was even completed which they all benefited from also.

    I could say it took me 10 days to complete my circle before upgrading to level 2 and so on
    So far I currently have up to 5 accounts under his team and I don’t really have to get down lines.

    All thanks to ultimate cycler and my capable and fast team who made it possible.

    Ultimate cycler has made me financially independent in just two months.

    So if you want to join ultimate cycler now under our team
    Call 09038427394 or use our referral link
    So click now to join👇👇👇

  3. Ultimate Cycler Nigeria, as mentioned in the introductory part of this article is a 2×2 matrix system. It gives you N50,000 after about a week, or even less (if you’re on an active team) of investing just N12,500, and if you’re not the type of person who likes to refer others, you’ve got no problem as the system would automatically fix 4 people under you who would pay you N12,500 each summing up to N50,000 (but I cannot guarantee you the wait period).

    Upon completion of registration, you’ll be matched to pay someone a one-time payment of N12,500 to activate your account and very first matrix. Once this is done, you’re set to receive your own payments of N12,500 from four other people.

    The very BIG ADVANTAGE in referring people is that it keeps the system going and it ensures that you get your profit faster.

    If you register today on Ultimate Cycler Nigeria Login, make your payment and is activated today, you get 2 people who in turn get 2 people each and everyone makes their payment that same day, then you’ll certainly make your N50,000 in just one day. Isn’t that cool?

    If you don’t want to refer people, just sit back and relax and the system would automatically fix 4 people under you after about… Sorry, I cannot guarantee you the wait time.

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